Friday, December 7, 2012

Dave and Aaron Go to Work

1812 Productions, located at Plays and Players Theater, 1714 Delancey Street, is presenting the world premiere of Dave and Aaron Go To Work through December 31.  Perhaps best described as Laurel and Hardy's entering The Odd Couple’s domain, this piece has been touted as a silent film for the stage. As in any silent film, the actors must replace dialogue with physical comedy. Dave Jadico and Aaron Cromie are masters of the art. Every movement on stage is clear-cut.  Spoiler Alert !   Don’t blink or you might miss one of many small details in their precise routine of every-day life that will lead to an “aha” moment near the end of the show!  That Dave and Aaron are friends is obvious. How two men who are completely opposite can harmoniously occupy a space not much larger than a dog house is less obvious, but it is rife with comedic moments.  Add a quest for the perfect job and the chuckles begin; giggles follow; chortles take over and then...Oh why ruin the fun? Come and remind yourself why you laughed at those silent slapstick delights of yesteryear. For more information or tickets call 215-592-9560 or visit online at