Monday, June 27, 2016

The Harassment of Iris Malloy

Teri Lamm & Juliana Zinkel
People’s Light, located at 39 Conestoga Road Rt. 401, Malvern, Pa. is presenting a new play by Zak Berkman.  Entitled The Harassment of Iris Malloy, this world premiere will be at People’s Light through July 10, 2016. That gives you ample time to make arrangements to see this powerful drama. The four member ensemble cast is outstanding. Well known actor Scott Bryce is powerful as the influential Senator Aarons who has presidential aspirations. Pete Pryor is multi-faceted as he portrays Sticker, George, and a reporter who makes a video of Iris exiting the senator’s hotel room. It is Julianna Zinkel and Teri Lamm, however, who render truly superb performances. Julianna portrays Iris Malloy,  a young single mother who has spent some time in the senator’s hotel room and is persuaded that capitalizing on it will be a road out of her poverty. Teri portrays her  spinster sister Cydney. The staging is quite masterful as well. By the movement of a sliding screen, a whole new room is presented and when it closes the original room is back again. There are twists and turns aplenty in this 90 minute one act and several questions left open to the audience’s interpretation. For more information or tickets, call the box office at 610-644-3500.  For groups, call 610-647-1900 x111.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dinosaurs at the Academy of Natural Science

After being greeted by George Gephart Jr., President and COE of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, members of the media were treated to an introductory talk about the dinosaur exhibit unearthed to the public this summer. Archaeologist and Associate Curator Dr. Ted Daeschler spoke about the Academy of Natural Sciences having the largest Dinosaur Museum in North America with the first dinosaur skeleton having been put together at this location. The first dinosaur was discovered in Haddonfield, NJ  in 1858. In front of the museum at 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway are two dinosaur replicas that roar and move their heads every few minutes… a great invitation to come inside and see more.  As you enter, there is a Dinosaur Hall to your right where a guide is eager to explain every display in the room and spout interesting facts, such as ”Most carnivores walk on four legs,” and “Many of the marine animals that you see pre-dated dinosaurs.”  My granddaughter was most fascinated by the large turtle skeletons. Upstairs there are a variety of interesting exhibits. A treadmill is wired to a wire-and-can dinosaur whose legs move; the legs move faster as the treadmill goes faster.  Another interesting exhibit compares different mammals to dinosaurs.  For example: How is a rhino like a dino? They both have horns for protection. Could you guess how an elephant is like a dino? They both make loud noises. Children will love the Fossil Dig Expedition. Before entering this exhibit, each child is handed a pair of safety goggles and a small digging tool with instructions on how to use it.  They are then told to go and dig for dinosaur bones. What fun to see their faces when they discover some. The pièce de resistance is The Dinosaurs Unearthed. Here you will see a richly colored room with giant dinosaurs. A T Rex stretches his neck out of lush foliage and roars as you walk by. You can find stegosaurs and an allosauras or two roaring and moving their heads. There is even a hands-on dinosaur with five movements that you can control on your own.  By pushing one button at a time, you can make the dinosaur move its small front legs, move its head up or down, side to side or roar. The Dinosaurs Unearthed Exhibit will be at the Dinosaur Museum at the Academy of Natural Sciences through January 7, 2017. Discount tickets are available online at This is something you will not want to miss. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Events at the Kimmel

The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts is presenting four exciting and exceptionally different shows this summer.  The first is International superstar Yanni, who brings his greatest hits and new songs to the Academy of Music July 19-20, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. Accompanied by his world-renowned orchestra, Yanni’s performance will feature all of his greatest hits along with music from his most recent album, Sensuous Chill. For over two decades Yanni has been one of the top global touring acts with over 50 platinum and gold albums to his name. His success has allowed him to engage in many humanitarian projects.  The second engagement is British rock star, singer and songwriter Bryan Ferry who will be appearing at Verizon Hall July 21 at 7:30 p.m.  with special guest LP. The performance will feature a set list that combines both songs from Ferry’s time with Roxy Music as well as solo hits, including his critically acclaimed Avonmore, his 15th solo album.  Opening for Perry is American pop star LP (Laura Pergolizzi). In addition to her own work, she has written songs for Heidi Montag, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera.  The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, in association with Mills Entertainment presents Bring It! Live featuring the stars of Lifetime’s hit series Bring It!, Miss D and her Dancing Dolls performing never-before-seen routines, and audience participation. As part of its national tour, Bring It! Live will appear at the Merriam Theatre on Friday August 5 at 8:00 p.m. The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, in association with Live Nation Entertainment, presents  Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, the award-winning comedians and real-life married couple, in Summer of 69; No Apostrophe. Their performance will be for one night only- August 20, 20126 at the Merriam Theater. The duo has won numerous awards for comedy both together and separately. Summer of 69: No Apostrophe promises to be a hilarious evening of comedy and music, Tickets for any of these events are available now and can be purchased by calling 215-893-1999, visiting online at or the Kimmel Center Box Office.  Group sales are available for groups of 10 or more and can be purchased by calling 215- 790-5883.


Anthony Rapp & Jackie Burns
Broadway Philadelphia presents If/Then at the Academy of Music through June 26, 2016.  Who among us has never wondered, “What if…”or “If Only…”?  The Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning team of Next to Normal, composer Tom Kitt and book writer/lyricist Brian Yorkey have tackled this somewhat suppressed thought and burst it right out into the open by examining two parallel roads that a person might take. What makes the concept so distinctive is that the results of the different choices  made are seen side by side...The single successful corporate executive and the stay-at-home mother of two.  This totally unique production is flawless in its execution. The first National Tour brings together original Broadway cast members Jackie Burns and Anthony Rapp along with Tamyra Gray and Matthew. Hydzik.  The music has a wow factor of 10!   Not only are the songs exciting, but the delivery is exceptional.  Jackie Burns, who is either Liz or Beth, depending upon which storyline she is immersed in, has an extraordinarily powerful voice. Tamyra Gray portrays her enthusiastic friend Kate and her enthusiasm  rings throughout the Academy as she sings.  Anthony Rapp and Matthew Hydzik, the men in Elizabeth’s parallel universes, add great touches to their musical renditions. The frequent projection changes are incredible. They range from moving flashing lights  which give credence to actors sitting a subway, to the city Library, to townhouses, starry nights and airplane windows. Everything about this National Tour demands a return engagement. Tickets can be purchased now by calling 215-893-1999, visiting online at, or visiting the Kimmel Center Box Office.  Group Sales are available for groups of 10 or more and can be purchased by calling 215-790-5883. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

New Shows Added to Kimmel's Broadway Philadelphia Season

Broadway Philadelphia






               Tickets On Sale To Subscribers Today

The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts and the Shubert Organization announce the addition of two productions to the 2016-17 Broadway Philadelphia season.  Nouveau cirque troupe Cirque Eloize  will return to Philadelphia with its new production Saloon - A Musical Acrobatic Adventure January 13-14 2017 and back by popular demand is Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story on Stage May 16- 21, 2017, both at the Kimmel Center’s Merriam Theater. Season ticket holders will receive priority access to both shows starting June 20.  The general public can purchase tickets to individual shows beginning September 10. Broadway Philadelphia is presented collaboratively by The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts and The Shubert Organization.  In addition to Cirque Eloize and Dirty Dancing, other 2016-17 Broadway Philadelphia shows include An American in Paris (November 22-27, 2016),The Bodyguard,(Feb 21-26, 2017), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (February 28-March 5, 2017), The King and I (March 22-April 2, 2017),Cabaret ( April 4-9, 2017), and Fun Home (June 13-18, 2017).  Add-on shows include: Mamma Mia! (December 27-31, 2016) Hedwig and The Angry Inch (April 18-23, 2017) Motown the Musical (May 30- June 11, 2017) and Wicked (July 26- August 27, 2017) Show packages are available now and include Tuesday through Sunday performances with an option to include any of the add-on shows. Tickets are available online at or by calling 215-893-1955.  Group sales are available for groups of 10 or more and can be purchased by calling 215-790 5883 or 866-276-2947. You can also visit online at or

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Bob Heath, Carlo Campbell &
Amanda Schoonover
The New York Times best-selling humorist Josh Priven is presenting his world premiere of Muddled, A Stage Comedy through June 26 at Drexel URBN Annex (3401 Filbert Street). The play runs 100 minutes without an intermission and scenes change with the aid of blackouts. The story begins with a young girl in the advanced stages of pregnancy with a musician by her side who decides he cannot stay with her until the baby is born but must head out on tour. The next scene takes place over thirty years later in a bar that has a no cell phone policy and seemingly no customers either. Andy (Trevor William Fayle) opens the 1920’s style bar after having been fired from Facebook and disavowing all social media.  His girlfriend Chrissy (Hannah Gold) and Mother Tina (Amanda Schoonover) ostensibly work at the bar but there is little to do as there are never any customers.  The no cell phone or iPad policy appears to be a turn-off to any who enter, for they quickly exit. Along comes Nicky (Bob Heath) head of the famous band of the 80’s The Black Widows. Having made a fortune by investing well, he tells Andy he wants to help him out after announcing that he is his long lost dad. But when other members of his band appear, it seems that his fatherhood is in question. Does he really want to help or are Tina’s fears that he’s a scam artist about to be realized? When Nicky swears to Tina, “I’m not the same man I used to be. I’ve changed,” she replies, “Your underwear, maybe.” There are chuckles throughout the piece as well as a real twist at the end. For more information or tickets, call 267-225-7175 or visit 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hillary and Clinton

Alice M. Gatling &
John Procaccino
Philadelphia Theatre Company in its home at Suzanne Roberts Theatre, Broad and Lombard Streets, is presenting the East Coast Premiere of Hillary and Clinton through June 26. Playwright Lucas Hnath has us imagine a parallel universe in which a woman named Hillary (Alice M. Gatling), is running for president in a country called The United States of America.  We are to further imagine that she is married to a man named Bill (John Procaccino) who was a very popular but unfaithful ex-president of this same country. Hillary is losing in the polls in New Hampshire and has several decisions to make. Does she go to Bill for help and in doing so, possibly give up her control of the campaign? Does she follow the advice of her campaign manager Mark (Todd Cerveris) who has not been very successful in running her campaign so far, or should she take the offer of the other guy( Lindsay Smiling) to drop out of the race and run as his VP if he should win the nomination? These are all big decisions for a strong character to tackle. The problem with this piece is that there are no strong characters. Hillary waffles between wanting Bill’s help and then refusing it. She is strongest when she admits that she stayed married to a man who cheated because she wanted the power that would evenutally come her way if she remained by his side. Bill is presented as pretty much of a whining wimp until he makes a decision behind Hillary’s back which angers her but assures her the primary win in New Hampshire. The other guy who at first wanted Hillary to leave the race discovers she has taken money from Bill which has come from unsavory origins, so he no longer wants any part of her. This discovery is made very quietly with no vitriol. The play begins with Alice M Gatling speaking to the audience about all the infinite possibilities of multiple universes in the world and ends with a similar speech.  There are chuckles in between, but  there are no great dramatic moments. For more information or to get tickets to see this play, call 215-985-0420 or visit


Broadway Philadelphia presents The 20th Anniversary World Tour of Riverdance to the Academy of Music through June 19, 2016. This is not your father’s 7 minute dance piece that was created 20 years ago. It is an exhilarating confluence of soft shoe and hard shoe dance routines, flamenco, acrobatics, singing, instrumentation, projections and special lighting effects. The anticipation in the air is palpable as the show begins with a dark stage highlighting only  a soprano soloist, soon accompanied by a galaxy of stars projected onto a screen behind her and a some lines of poetry recited on the opposite end of the stage. As a translucent screen arises, a mist appears at her feet; sunlight is projected on the screen, and members of the Riverdance troupe begin to make their way onto the stage with perfect precision.  No matter who is dancing for the rest of the evening that precision is never lost.  The use of lighting as a special effects tool is exquisite. One number, entitled Thunderstorm, features the Riverdance Male Irish Dance Principal and the men in the troupe. Dressed in black, they enter the stage as lightning flashes behind them on the projected screen. Once again, their precision is a marvel; there is not one instance when any dancer is out of step with any other.  Music is interspersed throughout the program.  Not only is the audience treated to some remarkable Irish music on the fiddle, drums, Uilleeann pipes, whistles and soprano saxophone, but the cast is given an opportunity to change costumes without keeping the audience waiting.   A delightful dance number features some of the younger members of the troupe in a soft shoe routine. The young girls, dressed in pink, are as agile as young fillies prancing around.  The older males leap across the stage, reminiscent of gazelles. The female principal very boldly shoos them off one by one, protecting her flock. Shockingly, included in this program of Irish Dancers, is a small extraordinarily acrobatic Russian troupe that will have you spellbound.  Another surprise are two American tap dancers who have a dance-off of sorts with three of the Irish step dancers.. It would not be fair to tell you who wins.  It’s only one of the many reasons for you to come to see this phenomenal show. Come to see the Riverdance troupe and Principal dancers.  You will be blown away their level of expertise.  Come to hear the musicians. They are true showmen; you will not only enjoy their music but their humorous approaches as well.  Come to see the contest between the tap dancers  and the Irish dancers.  Come to hear the lovely acapella singing and the rich tones of the baritone soloist..  Be astonished at the special effects lighting and outstanding projections. This is a very short run so purchase your tickets now by calling 215-893-1993, visiting or the Kimmel Center Box Office.  Group sales are available for groups of 10 or more and can be purchased by calling 215-790-5883. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

HATCH an evening of new dance works

Marie Brown & Melissa Chisena
Birds on a Wire Dance Theatre, located at the Performance Garage, 1515 Brandywine Street, presented a wonderful evening of dance entitled HATCH an evening of new dance works. HATCH represents the results of an eight month development program for emerging choreographers that gives them support with production, professional lighting, sound equipment and professional video recordings of their live work. 7 pieces were performed demonstrating a wide variety of styles and techniques. The first piece, entitled Viewpoint, was choreographed by Lora Allen and danced by Crystal Nicole, Alexis Dispenziere and Ashley Lippolis.  The dancers, all dressed in white, were very lithe and graceful and much of the dance consisted of the dancers folding their bodies over and around each other as if different parts of one whole. The second piece, Terra, was choreographed by Katie Moore and performed by Aurora Jensen, Marina Kec and Sarah Warren.  These three dancers, dressed in black, were almost the antitheses of the performers in the first piece, as all of the dancing was separate and most of it was very upbeat. Passport was choreographed by Belle Alvarez and performed by her as well as Laura Baehr, Allie Linn, Talia Mason, Sarah McWilliams and Rachel Winograd.  Much of this dance was contemporary and the dancers frequently stepped out of their dance routine to speak a phrase or a word, many of them beginning where the previous dancer ended. There was a resolution in which all dancers came together at the end. Primal was choreographed by Marie Brown. She and Melissa Chisena danced to music by Sepultura, a native Brazilian metal band. Marie stated that her movements were inspired by martial arts movements and animals from the Amazon. It appears to be a combination of cautious animals inspecting each other and robots going haywire. Whatever the inspiration, the end result was a lot of fun. Gestures of Longing was choreographed by Sakshi Productions. Based on the poem “The Dream Song of the Deaf Man,” this piece is a  collaboration between Jubil Khan, donia salem and Nandini Sikand who use the gestural vocabulary of odissi dance and American Sign Language. The words which were being signed were projected onto the wall behind the performers so that the audience could better understand the meaning of the poem. Never having been exposed to odissi dance, I found it both beautiful and powerful. Depths of Equality- Part II was choreographed by Mawiyah Dowd and was an attempt to explore racial bias. Performance artists were Amanda Edwards, Isaac Lindy, Brendan Tetsuo, Harlee Trautman and Haylee Warner. The final piece, Unfulfilled, was choreographed by Corey Melancon. Dancers were Rebecca Brodowski, Julee Mahon, Joanna Martin, Brianne Scott and Molly Woytowicz. Despite its title, this was a lovely piece of modern dance. Most of the dancing was in unison, although it ended dramatically with four dancers leaving the stage and the fifth making a flying leap onto her stomach into their arms. Birds on a Wire Dance Theatre will be presenting In The Clearing Sept 9th and 10th in the Christ Church Neighborhood House. This is a work choreographed and directed by artistic director Melissa Cameron. It will feature performances by Kate Abernathy, CrystalNicole, Kathy Kerner, Claire Lutz and Molly Woytowicz.  Open auditions to join the cast will be announced soon.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Straight White Men

Tim Dugan, Kevin Meehan,
Steven Rishard & Dan Kern
InterAct Theatre Company, located in its new home at the Drake, 302 S. Hicks Street, is presenting Young Jean Lee’s stimulating Straight White Men through June 19.  While on the surface, Straight White Men is a funny tale of two brothers coming home to join their father and older brother over the Christmas holiday,  it represents, in fact, a pot ready to boil over. As the brothers (Kevin Meehan, Tim Dugan, and Steven Rishard) get together in the beginning of the tale, they reminisce about a spoof one of them had written in high school about the KKK and the hit song Oklahoma. Well educated and raised with privilege, none of the characters has been able to capitalize on this good fortune. Each has a different coping mechanism and this is displayed in the way he leads his life as well as the way in which he reacts to his siblings and father. Some times are carefree, when childhood memories surface and two or three of the brothers and sometimes even the dad (Dan Kern) reverts to remembered childish behaviors. There is a hysterical scene when Drew (Kevin Meehan) wants a drink of water, and after having received one, his two brothers each bring another.  They ask him, “Which one?  Choose one." He upends both plastic glasses of water so the water is poured all over his brothers’ faces.  Of course they are not about to let him get away with that…. Other times are more serious, as Drew discusses his divorce and two years of therapy and Jake (Tim Dugan), successful businessman, admits that he is not politically correct and part of his success is due to his not encouraging minorities because it would be unpopular in his firm.  Matt (Steven Rishard) is the oldest and brightest.  He is the most highly educated, having graduated from Ivy League schools but is living at home helping his dad and working temp jobs.  Everyone seems disappointed in him and when he is asked if he is going to continue to do that work full time he responds, “How can I? It is a temp job.” It would have seemed that he is content with his lot in life except that on two occasions he cries openly and will not discuss the reason.  This has the family in a tizzy and a conflict arises between the remaining brothers as to whether or not to confront him and “try to help.” This might be an indictment of American society.  Straight white men are not supposed to be so open with their emotions.  When Matt is, his brothers hound him and his father has a strange reaction. Young Jean Lee purposely left her tour de force open ended. This provocative piece will have you discussing its many layers for hours.  Be sure to get a ticket now before the run is over. For tickets or more information, call 215-568-8077 or visit online at

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Philadelphia's Dinosaur Museum

Dinosaurs Unearthed


Dino-mite Summer

Start June 25 at Philadelphia’s

Dinosaur Museum

 Dinosaurs thunder to life in an immersive exhibit at Philadelphia’s dinosaur museum starting Saturday June 25, ushering in a Dino-mite summer of free tours, fossil preparation mini classes and building Jurassic creatures out of LEGO bricks. Dinosaurs Unearthed at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University features life-like roaring, moving dinosaurs. Visitor participation is encouraged through touch stations that feature dinosaur sounds, digestion, anatomy, and skin and bones. Visitors will be able to control the movements of some dinosaurs and measure their weight in comparison to the dinosaurs they see before them.  Dinosaurs Unearthed opens Saturday June 25 and runs through Jan 7, 2017. Discount tickets can be purchased online at  Dino-Mite Summer runs from Tuesday July 5 through September 2. Daily activities are free with admission to Dinosaurs Unearthed.  Every Friday and Saturday there are Dinosaur Hall tours. Every Saturday from10 am – 1 pm join “LEGO my Dino” and build your own dinosaur. Every Monday at 2:30pm meet a live dinosaur relative at the T rex.  All day on Tuesday and Sundays meet the Academy’s live snakes and turtles, On Thursday at 1pm, join Marty the Moose to hear his terrible jokes; hear a dinosaur story and meet a live animal.  Every Sunday from 1-5 make a jacket for a fossil or create a miniature paleo-dig to take home.  There will be so much to do that you’ll want to come to Dinosaurs Unearthed more than once.

Friday, June 3, 2016


Joanna Liao &
Joe Guzman
The Lantern Theater Company, located in St. Stephen’s Church Theater, 10th and Ludlow Streets, will be presenting the Philadelphia premiere of 36 Views through June 26, 2016.  The title of Naomi Iizuka’s work was inspired by the “36 views of Mt. Fuji”, a set of colored block prints.  The views in question are actually the views that one sees of various pieces of Asian art, the points of views of the various characters, and the views of the audience as  the true nature of the characters are revealed, in much the same manner that an onion’s inner core is seen after many layers are peeled away.  Jorge Cousineau  is the scenic, sound and projection designer. He is beyond a doubt the best that Philadelphia has to offer.  The images that are displayed on sliding screens are not only magnificent, but technically brilliant, as they sometimes morph into one another. The sound effects, too are dazzling, as chocks of wood bang together not only to signal a new scene, but also  to signal a new idea.  Joanna Liao portrays an Asian art specialist, Setsuko Hearn,  while Joe Guzmán  portrays an ambitious art dealer, Darius Wheeler.   He is deliriously happy to have come into contact with a priceless “Japanese pillow book”, which will need authentication.  Bi Jean Ngo is excellent as art restorer  Clare Tsong. Her back story comes to light in the second act.  David Price as John Bell and Angela Smith  as Elizabeth Newman Orr round out the cast.  The story line is a bit confusing at the end of the first act but by the second act, as the audience is allowed to see other views, the realization comes that this is just what the playwright intends. 36 Views is a visually exquisite masterpiece that will have you thinking twice about first impressions.  For more information or tickets, call 215-829-0395, visit online at or visit the Lantern Box Office at 10th and Ludlow Streets, Philadelphia. Pa. 19107.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Birds on a Wire Dance Theatre






Birds on a Wire Dance Theatre presents HATCH, a mini-festival of world premiere dance works by Philadelphia’s emerging choreographers from Thursday June 9 to Saturday June 11, 2016 at the Performance Garage (1515 Brandywine Street.)  All shows are at 8:00 pm with doors opening at 7:00 pm. HATCH is one of several programs Birds on a Wire has established to align their mission to create opportunities for emerging artists to grow, develop and contribute to the cultural landscape.  Each egg produced from HATCH is the result of an eight month development program. Each choreographer receives production support, including access to professional lighting and sound equipment and professional video recordings of their work. HATCH provides a peek into the latest trends in contemporary dance by presenting performances from up and coming choreographers, each of whom has developed an individual style. Relevant topics such as immigration and social justice will be covered as well as a rock infused session. The evening features over thirty emerging dancers, choreographers and designers. General Admission tickets are $20. For an addition $10, you can attend a reception following Saturday night’s performance. For more information or tickets visit .

The Summer Club

Jeff Coons & The Summer Club
Arden Theatre Company presents

The Summer Club

Jeff Coon and Company Swing Into the Arden

on Monday, June 27, at 7 pm

The Arden Theatre Company, located at 40 N. 2nd Street, is presenting THE SUMMER CLUB on Monday June 27 at 7 pm on the F. Otto Haas Stage. THE SUMMER CLUB is a nightclub style cabaret reminiscent of the days of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, featuring a 17 piece orchestra with a Big Band sound. Performing on June 27th are THE SUMMER CLUB regulars Jeff Coon, JP Dunphy, Michael Philip O’Brien and Fran Prisco.  Special guests for the evening include Tony Braithwaite, Rachel Brennan, Elena Camp, Rachel Camp, and Kristine Fraelich.  Original orchestrations are by Music Director Larry Lees.  Now in its third season, THE SUMMER CLUB was born out of the love that Jeff Coon has for the songs and artists he listened to at his Grandma’s house when he was growing up. He always wanted to sing the songs that Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. made famous. Coon says that it is not a tribute show for the artists of The Rat Pack but more about “the gibes, their easy friendship and the way they came together to do a number.” THE SUMMER CLUB performs most of their concerts at the Jersey shore with performances each summer in both Avalon and Cape May, New Jersey. The Arden concert kicks off their summer season and is followed by a concert in Cape May on July 23 and two concerts in Avalon on July 30 and August 5. For more information or tickets, call 215-922-1122, visit online at or visit the box office at 40 N 2nd Street in Old City Philadelphia.