Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Private Lives

Amanda and Victor meet 5 years after divorce

 The Lantern Theater Company, located at 10 and Ludlow Streets, is producing Noel Coward's Private Lives through December 31. The stage has been reconfigured for this particular set of performances so don’t wait until the last minute to order tickets since there is seating on only two sides of the stage. Tickets will certainly be selling like hotcakes because this show has all the earmarks of a smash hit. Genevieve Perrier,  who portrays the oh so sophisticated Amanda, belies her youth with her striking panache, her effortless grace and her not so subtle guile. Ben Dibble has the audience believing that he cares for nothing more than triviality as he smoothly portrays Elyot, Amanda’s ex-husband and the newly  married spouse of Sibyl.  K.O. DelMarcelle portrays Elyot’s new, simpering, insecure bride. Leonard C. Haas portrays stuffy, stodgy, Victor, Amanda's husband, thus rounding out the quartet of characters.  Amanda and Victor have booked their honeymoon suite with outdoor patio adjoining the honeymoon suite of Sibyl and Elyot.
When Amanda and Elyot set eyes on each other, they can’t imagine why they ever got divorced .The II Act play has more laughs than straight lines. It is impossible to sit in your seat for five minutes without laughing; the show is just that funny and that well presented. Scenic Designer Meghan Jones is known for her work throughout the region. Kudos must go to her for her foresight for this production. Act I takes place on two adjoining balconies, each equipped with their own flowers, tables, chairs, cocktails and entrances into their rooms The intermission begins  an impressive transformation. Walls  are moved, crown molding added, curtains hung, and the audience is treated to an inside view of an art deco apartment in Paris, fully equipped with a chaise, love seat,  two sets of French doors, paintings, sculptures, wind up gramophone and a piano. Recognition must also be given to J Alex Cordaro, the fight director who choreographed some exciting fight scenes. Fighting notwithstanding, the laughs keep coming and the plot keeps twisting. The more the characters change; the more they stay the same. The surprise is in the ending…What more could you possibly ask of a delightful theater experience?  For tickets call 215-829-0395 or visit online at

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