Sunday, February 12, 2012

a raw space

all four characters on set

Bristol Riverside Theatre, located at 120 Radcliffe Street in Bristol, Pa. is presenting the world premiere of a raw space by Jon Morans through February 19, 2012. The production is raw in every sense of the word. The performances of the ensemble cast are exceptional. Anette Michelle Sanders portrays Susu Ziegler, a controlling, conniving and manipulative wife and business woman. Keith Baker plays her husband Mark, a quasi-successful architect. Madi Distefano portrays Brenda, Susu’s one-time best friend.  Jack Koenig  portrays Rod Menin, an up and coming architect and husband to Brenda. The setting, currently a raw space, is a luxury Manhattan apartment, among other locales in the city. The set is rare. Big bold columns and the appearance of a slanted floor give the illusion of a huge loft that is aching to be designed. Thanks to lighting designer Ryan O’Gara, there is sometimes the impression of a huge picture window with the skyline of NYC. On other occasions another view appears and still other times the window darkens as if closed. The format  of the performance is singular. Characters speak to each other at opposite ends of the room and then the scene repeats with the characters reversing their positions so that the audience can understand what was only suggested in the rear conversations...a fascinating concept. Frequently during the piece, two characters begin a conversation and then one goes into a freeze frame, while another character enters and is in another time and space with the first character. As the production progresses, so too does the underlying character study of each performer. In spite of everything, the ending is unforeseen. You must make it a point to see this incomparable premiere. It is sure to achieve great success. For tickets or further information, call 215-785-0100 or visit online at

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