Friday, June 1, 2012

The Dybbik

EgoPo Classic Theater has done it again!  The company has made a brilliant choice by closing its Festival of Jewish Theater Season with A Dybbuk. The production can be seen through June 17 on the 2nd floor stage of The Prince Music Theater. A Dybbuk tells the spellbinding story of a young Yeshiva student, greatly interested in the Kabbalah, and his all-consuming   love for the daughter of a rich man. When her father refuses to consider him as a suitable mate for his daughter, the student stops eating and eventually dies with unfulfilled desire. Death, however, does not end his quest and his ghost enters the young girl on the day of her proposed wedding to a bridegroom of her father’s choosing.  It is because it was destined that the two young people be wed that a dybbuk is born and refuses to leave the body of his loved one. Can a rabbi’s exorcism separate the two souls living as one? EgoPo’s strong ensemble cast of 10, while creating over 40 characters in this tale of Jewish mysticism, brings comic relief to an otherwise dark stage. Ed Swidey’s rock-solid performance as Messenger who oversees all events in the tale sets the tone for the presentation.  Robert DaPonte’s transformation from an introverted Yeshiva student to an angry dybbuk is stellar. Rachel Kitson’s performance as Leah, the young woman possessed by a dybbuk, is electrifying. For information on how to catch a glimpse of life in a small Polish village and its roots in Jewish superstition and mysticism, call 267-273-1414 or visit online at  

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