Friday, October 12, 2012

The Assassination of Jesse James

EgoPo Classic Theater is the only Philadelphia area theater to take its audience on a journey through a genre each theatre season.  This year they are celebrating the American Vaudeville Festival and have opened with The Assassination of Jesse James. The upstairs studio of Plays and Players Theater at 17th and Delancey Street has been transformed into an authentic 19th Century Saloon, complete with sawdust floors, barrel tables and an open bar through October 28th.   Sit down and settle back as you imagine yourself transported back in time to the end of the 19th Century…a time when outlaws were revered by some, tolerated by others, and ignored by many.  Enjoy the  acapella harmonies belted out on the stage as the all-female ensemble begins to tell the tale of Jesse James and his recruits. Melanie Julian, who was dynamite as Mrs. Frank in last year’s production, gives Jesse James a swagger that could only be outdone by Jesse himself.  Kate Brennan, Maria Konstantinidis, Colleen Hughes and Amanda Schoonover all show their versatility as cowboys of the Old West.  The design team does an incredible job.   Huge cue cards, turned over to announce each new scene reinforce the nostalgic feeling of vaudeville. Flashes of light to illuminate shootings as well as highlight slow motion fights and escape attempts are outstanding. You forget your surroundings as you witness slow motion horseback riding on backwards chairs. There is much to enjoy in this performance. A glimpse of our history of The Wild West, the fantastic descants that waft through the air and the awesome special effects all constitute a night in vaudeville you won’t soon forget.  For more information or tickets call 267-273-1414 or visit online at

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  1. Just saw the play last week. Was an AWESOME play! I'd recommend it anyone who hasn't seen it yet. What I loved about it most is that even during the intermission the actors maintained their characters, when they were sitting at the bar playing a card game. I just loved it!