Wednesday, January 30, 2013


InterAct Theatre, located at 2030 Sansom Streets, is presenting the world premiere of David Robson’s Assassin through February 10. The production is a powerful and forceful drama that imagines a meeting that might have taken place 30 years after an Oakland Raiders defensive back actually paralyzed a New England Patriots’ wide receiver.   Brian Anthony Wilson, as Frank, suffering from alcoholism and diabetes is desperate to meet the player he injured face to face on national TV but is unflinching in his determination to stop short of an apology... He blusters…”The hit was legal and all part of the game. I was doin’ my job.”    In a tumultuous series of interchanges between the retired footfall star and Dwayne A.Thomas, portraying Lewis, the quadriplegic’s brash attorney, it soon becomes apparent that there is more than one victim as a result of this tragic accident. The dialogue is quick and hard-hitting with first one, then the other character prevailing. The performance is only 80 minutes long but it packs quite a punch. Don’t miss this opportunity to weigh-in on the difficulties of dealing with the consequences of an action and the helplessness to right a wrong. For further information or tickets, call 215-568=8079 or visit online at

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