Friday, March 29, 2013

The Life (and death) of Harry Houdini

EgoPo Classic Theater Company, located at 17th and Delancey Streets in Plays and Players Theater, is presenting The Life (and death) of Harry Houdini through April 7. With a fascinating production twist, the audience is seated on-stage to get a behind-the-scenes view of Harry Houdini’s routines. Never before have you had an opportunity to see an illusionist so intimately.  If you are puzzled by the very first scene, you will see it again at the end of the performance, as the tale begins and ends with Houdini’s last moments and his meteoric rise to fame flashes before his eyes in-between.  Great performances are given by the ensemble cast of Robert DaPonte, Lee Minora, Griffen Stanton-Ameisen, Tyler Horn and MaryRuth Stine.  Especially effective is the segment of the heavily accented Yiddish-speaking of Rabbi and Mrs. Weiss with son Eric (later to be known as Harry Houdini) pleading, “Speak English, Speak English ! ”  Robert DaPonte, portraying Houdini, mesmerizes audiences with his escape from a straightjacket and handcuffs.  Almost as a joke, the audience is “let in” on the escape from the box illusion. .DaPonte commands quite a presence on the stage.  Learn how Houdini takes life’s punches in stride…until he doesn’t.  Don’t wait to be let in on all the secrets for this show has a short run.  For more information or tickets call 267-273-1414 or visit

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