Friday, May 24, 2013


Ensemble cast at high school dance

The Walnut Street Theatre, located at 825 Walnut Street, is concluding its season with a new presentation of Grease, scheduled to run on its Mainstage through July 14.  This production is proof-positive that some shows can be revived again and again and still maintain a fresh appeal to audiences who clamor for more. A first-rate ensemble cast dances with the vigor of teenagers, thanks to choreographer Michelle Gaudette.  Although not a dancer, Laura Giknis, portraying Sandy, demonstrates her adept acting ability throughout the performance. Her depiction of the innocent “girl next door” is convincing as is her self-imposed make-over. Many additional cast members have an opportunity to showcase their voice with a solo but few do it with as much vitriol as Kate Fahrner when she portrays Rizzo and sings, “There are Worse Things I Could Do.”  Adolpho Blaire demonstrates a magnificent falsetto when he sings “Mooning” with Tara Tagliaferro counterbalancing him as Jan. Take yourself back to life in the late 50’s when Rock ‘N Roll was in full swing and immerse yourself in life at Rydell High.  Cheer on Patty the Cheerleader, portrayed by Tracy Dunn, Captain of the Eagles 2012 Eagles Cheerleading Squad. Re-aquaint yourself with the angst of high school romance. This production is nostalgia at its best. For more information or tickets call 215-574-350, 80-982-2787 or visit online at

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