Sunday, January 19, 2014

Beautiful Thing

Ste and  Jamie
Mauckingbird Theatre Company, known for its gay-themed works, is presenting Beautiful Thing at the Skybox at the Adrienne, 2030 Sansom Streets, through February 2.  This 20 year-old tale, written by English playwright Jonathon Harvey, peeks into the lives of dysfunctional families in a rough working–class neighborhood of London’s South End.  As a result, the audience is treated to an insider's glimpse of a blossoming relationship. A teen-aged crush on the boy next-door leads to the emotional stability of the majority of the characters in the cast.  Melanie Julian does a first-rate job of portraying Sandra, the flighty, irresponsible single mother of Jamie. She appears to show some signs of maturity only once her son has “come out” and she has come to terms with who he is.  Griffin Back portrays Jamie and Kevin Murray portrays Ste, the boy next door.  Both young men do a commendable job of overcoming initial awkward situations and coming to terms with their inner psyches. Sophie Yavorsky adds an interesting dimension to the stage as she plays a female teenage neighbor with her own peculiar hang-ups. Scenic Designer Andrew Laine has done an outstanding job with the small stage of the Skybox.  The audience members actually feel that they are a stone’s throw away from every apartment. The bedroom conversion is exceptional. This show has a very short run so don’t delay in getting your tickets.  For further information or tickets, call 215-923-8909 or visit online at  

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