Sunday, April 13, 2014

Down Past Passyunk

Vince Turati ,Nicky Grillo. Iggy Guerro
  InterAct Theatre Company, located at 2030 Sansom Streets, is producing the world premiere of A. Zell. Willams’ Down Past Passyunk   through January 27.  Williams has loosely based the central theme of his work on the controversial sign “This is America. When Ordering, Speak English.” which appeared in the window of Geno’s Steak’s and caused a national maelstrom. William Zielinski convincingly portrays an angry Nicky Grillo, third generation South Philly owner of Grillo’s Steaks. He is both unable to cope with the newly diversified neighborhood that has sprung up around him and unwilling to accept modern changes that his spit-fire daughter Sophia, passionately played by Alex Keiper, tries to bring into the business. Mild-mannered Iggy Guerro, portrayed by  Bobby Plasencia, is a new owner of a nearby steak shop and thinks there is plenty of room for both businesses .   Mired down by his stubbornness which even his best friend Vince, aptly played by William Rahill can’t dissuade, Nicky is trapped by his resistance to change.  Brian Cowden effectively plays a rookie cop on the beat.  Kittson O’Neill successfully portrays Tambrey Walker, an in-your-face Eye Witness News Reporter.  Alice York, as Emma, is a delight.  Kudos to the entire design team: Costume Designer Allison Roberts for her authenticity, Sound Designer Christopher Colucci for his special touches,  Lighting Designer Drew Billiau  for special effects, and Set Designer Ian Guzzone who, in effect, had to design multiple sets.  This is a must-see show for all those who remember the precipitating event.  It is also an important production for those who don’t remember but just enjoy good theatre,  for this piece is sure to earn a place in history. For more information or tickets, call 215-568-8079 or visit online at .

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