Saturday, May 3, 2014


Gint Ensemble Cast
EgoPo Classic Theatre is presenting Gint, Romulus Linney’s adaptation of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt through May 11 in the Christ Church Neighborhood House.  Set in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, rather than ice-covered Norway, this production sets the tone with a half hour hootenanny before the actual performance begins. The singing and instrumentation is so captivating that there is a moment when the audience doesn’t want the singing to segway to the drama, but such a sense lasts for only a moment or two. Everyone is quickly drawn into this incredible transformation of the Norwegian legend into an Appalachian folktale. According to Ibsen expert Rolf Kristen Stang, Norwegian and Appalachian folklore both “value community, a sense of self and a common use of storytelling to get through difficult times.” Linney was thus able to adapt Ibsen’s tale and set it in the mountains of Kentucky. Director Lane Salvadore with incredible foresight has taken Linney’s bare-bones script and has brought it to life with music and constant scene changes using little more than wooden crates. Members of the marvelously talented ensemble cast sing, perform as stage hands and play multiple roles throughout. Sean Lally, as Pete Gint, gives us a peek into the complexity of human nature as he takes us on a wild ride from his meager beginnings in Appalachia to wealth gained and lost on the west coast. Throw in stolen brides, women scorned, fantasy sequences with the Devil and talking hogs and you have your typical tale.  This production is nothing short of brilliant.  It is one of EgoPo’s very best. Before you go to see it, however (and you should definitely make plans to see it) familiarize yourself with the storyline of Peer Gynt so that you can appreciate this fascinating adaptation. For more information or tickets, call 267-273-1414 or visit online at  

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