Saturday, August 30, 2014

EgoPo's American Giants Festival

Following its tradition of year-long themed theater productions, EgoPo has announced its 2014-15 season as the American Giants Festival in which the company will present theatrical giants and their examination of the American dream. The season begins with celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Arthur Miller by producing his iconic Death of a Salesman, and continues with Tennessee Williams’ Stairs to the Roof and Eugene O’Neil’s The Hairy Ape.  EgoPo will examine what the American dream is today and whether class barriers deny the dream for some or for all.  The first production, Death of a Salesman, is set in 1940 in a working-class neighborhood in Brooklyn where audience members will find themselves attending Willy Loman’s Shiva. Willy Loman, portrayed by Ed Swidley, can readily be recognized by last year’s audiences of Gint and Lady from the Sea.  Stairs to the Roof is a rarely seen early play written by Tennessee Williams.  It examines the inner life of an office clerk who dreams of a higher purpose in life. Eugene O’Neil was one of the first writers to focus on characters who live on the fringe of society.  The Hairy Ape takes the audience into the lower regions of a luxury ship where a coal stoker has a chance encounter with a rich heiress and sees himself through her eyes, subsequently destroying his sense of self. All three shows can be seen at The Latvian Society, 531 North 7th Street.  Death of a Salesman will run from October 24-November 9. Stairs to the Roof will run from February 13-March 1 and The Hairy Ape will run from April 10-26. 

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