Friday, September 12, 2014


Getting even with the Boss
Walnut Street Theatre, located at 825 Walnut Street, has opened its 206th season with the spirited 9 to 5: THE MUSICAL. This magical musical comedy, featuring music and lyrics by Dolly Parton, will run through October 19th on Walnut Street Theatre's mainstage.  Three co-workers, driven to distraction by their “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical boss” devise a plan to remedy their work woes. Paul Schoeffler expertly portrays Franklin Hart Jr., the lecherous, treacherous menace. Spitfire Mary Marcello brilliantly portrays Roz, his no-nonsense Administrative Assistant, who lets her hair down in the number “Heart to Hart”.  Dee Hoty, as Violet, is the backbone of the trio of co-workers. She exudes both strength and panache on the stage, with a voice that is marvelous to hear in a solo, a duet, or as part of a group. Amy Bodner, who portrays Doralee, the misunderstood country girl, has a robust voice as well.  Amanda Rose is Judy, the third of the co-workers who band together. She expertly portrays a woman who matures from a shy brow-beaten wife to a female ensconced in self-confidence. Her gut-wrenching performance of “Get Out and Stay Out” brings the house down. Local favorite Ben Dibble portrays Joe, the persistent love interest for Violet. Unfortunately there is only one opportunity to hear him sing, for he has a fine voice. As there are numerous songs in this production, so too, are there frequent scene changes. Thanks to the phenomenal vision of Scenic Designer Robert Andrew Kovach, these are accomplished with split-second precision whether they involve rolling desks, sliding walls, or moving elevators. For more information or tickets to this extremely humorous and entertaining musical comedy, call 215-547-3550, 800-982-2787 or visit online at or Ticketmaster.

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