Saturday, January 24, 2015


Aimé Donna Kelly
InterAct Theatre Company’s world premiere of The Dangerous House of Pretty Mbane can be seen on the main stage of The Adrienne, 2030 Sansom Street, through February 8. Aimé Donna Kelly is nothing short of mesmerizing in her spellbinding performance of Noxolo, a young South African woman who escaped horrors in South Africa with a  football (soccer) scholarship to  London, only to return to her native land when her activist ex-lover is reputed missing.  Young lesbian women have been raped throughout South Africa in an effort to “set them straight.” Noxolo’s brother Sicelo, convincingly portrayed by Akeem Davis, is blinded by bigotry and the age-old customs and beliefs of his country.  Pretty Mbane, portrayed by Lynnette R. Freeman, is the activist who Noxolo hopes to find when she returns to South Africa.  Freeman's rhythmic speech and fluid movements are hypnotic. No eyes leave the stage during this performance! The themes of Jen Silverman’s award winning play are unsettling and may be disturbing to some but no one can sit through  a performance and be unmoved   by them. The play is dark; the performances are raw; the end result is outstanding!  For more information or tickets to see this production, call 215-566-8077 or visit online at

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