Thursday, April 23, 2015

To The Moon

Tracie Higgins & Scott Greer
1812 Productions, Philadelphia’s only All Comedy Theatre Company, is presenting To The Moon, a world premiere comedy inspired by the life and work of Jackie Gleason, at Christ Church Neighborhood House through May 17. This phenomenal production combines the clever wit of Jennifer Child’s original script with choreography by Bill Irwin and a complex production design of sound, scenes, lighting and video by Jorge Cousineau.  Dare I say To The Moon is even better than some of the original Jackie Gleason skits?  I dare.  Scott Greer and Anthony Lawton’s portrayals of Jennifer Childs’ side-splitting humor are fall-out-of-your-seat funny. The sketch about making the perfect cocktail for an evening of romance has the audience roaring non-stop and literally gasping for breath.  Thanks to the brilliance of Jorge Cousineau,  “Jackie Gleason” makes several appearances in black and white on a huge projection screen.  Multi-faceted Tracie Higgins not only portrays Scott’s wife Tracie, but also his stern boss Nora as well as a June Taylor dancer.  In an amazing video display, one dancer becomes a chorus line of June Taylor dancers. This show  not only pays homage to Jackie Gleason. It is also a tribute to the incredible script that Jennifer Childs has written and the remarkable performances put forth by the entire cast of Scott Greer, Anthony Lawton, Tracie Higgins and Sean Roach who plays a prominent role in Scott's work place as well as in Tracie's. For more information or tickets call 215-592-9560 or visit online at

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