Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Three Christs of Manhattan

Akeem Davis, Dan Hodge
Leah Walton &
Judith Lightfoot Clarke
 Hold onto your seat belts…You’re in for a wild ride.  On the heels of Two Jews Walked Into A War, Seth Rozin has done it again with what is sure to be another smash hit!  The world premiere of The Three Christs of Manhattan is being produced by InterAct Theatre Company and will be appearing at the old Adrienne Theatre 2030 Sansom Street through June 21. The audience gets an inside view of a young Jewish psychiatrist’s first day of practice. Leah Walton portrays Dr. Posner with a naïve simplicity and brilliant comic timing. Her first three patients, surprisingly enough, all believe themselves to be Jesus Christ, returned to earth. One, Dan Hodge, appears in long straight hair, white robe and sandals. Moments after he leaves, the second patient, Akeem Davis, appears in dreadlocks espousing the need to help the poor and underprivileged. Dr. Posner has no chance to catch her breath after he leaves when her third patient arrives dressed in heels and a dress, claiming the way to salvation is forward thinking through wise investments. Dr. Posner has a plan to get all three together to try for a break-through with their illusions. Spoiler alert: She calls for the return of the Jesi !!!   Each of the actors is true to his character’s beliefs and as such, is very convincing in his role. As an atheist, Dr. Posner is not easily swayed. The play is brief. It runs only 80 minutes but there are enough laughs packed into this satiric piece for a show twice that length. What a wonderful way for InterAct to end its season. Come see The Three Christs of Manhattan and say goodbye to their home at the old Adrienne, as the theatre will be moving to a new theatre space at the Drake next year.  For more tickets or information about this great show with a surprising twist, call 215-568-8077 or visit online at

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