Monday, October 26, 2015


Scott Greer & Amanda Schoonover
The set of Theatre Exile’s production of Bruce Graham’s world premiere of Rizzo is minimalistic, but the performance of Scott Greer and the ensemble cast is anything but. Scott Greer’s performance is explosive as he portrays the volatile Frank Rizzo journeying through his years as a Philadelphia policeman, Police Commissioner and Mayor. While Damon Bonetti, as a reporter, keeps Rizzo on track throughout, the ensemble cast of Robert Daponte, Akeem Davis, Paul L Nolan, William Rahill and Amanda Schoohover weave flawlessly through Rizzo’s life-story  animatedly appearing as multiple characters front and center and dynamically interacting with Scott Greer. The Rizzo years are vividly retold by this exceptionally talented cast. Theatre Exile’s production of Rizzo, based on Rizzo: The Last Big Man in Big City America by Sal Paolantonio is being presented at the Christ Church Neighborhood Playhouse through Nov. 7. Whether you were a fan of Frank Rizzo during his tenure, couldn't abide the man, or never lived anywhere near Philadelphia during the Rizzo era and had no personal connection with the larger-than-life politico, you will be enthralled by this performance.  Tickets are available by calling (215) 218-4022 or visiting online at 

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