Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Three Maries

No Attytude Productions is presenting the World Premiere of composer and lyricist Michael Ogborn’s The Three Maries. This “Philadelphia Phable” is a fictional account of an historical event - the 1926 Philadelphia visit of Romania’s Queen Marie. With a riff on Pygmalion and Cinderella, Little Marie (Rachel Brennan) is remarkably engaging as she first loses her Philadelphia accent in the quest for respect in the workplace and then her shoe as she flees Romanian Royalty(Mary Martello and Jeff Coon) at a ball in their honor. Big Marie (Kathy Deitch) is equally humorous as she tries to get her daughter to stay home and help with the housework and perhaps marry a mummer and give her a grandchild.  From Roaring twenties flair, to jazzy tap routines, to mummers’ struts, this production has it all. Projections of City Hall and William Penn add to the authenticity of this “Philadelphia Phable”, as do the stops on the Broad Street El which are flashed on a backdrop as Little Marie  “takes the train” to work, This show is truly phunny. In between laughs, you will be checking on your own accent as you practice saying, “I want a coke and a hoagie to go.”   You’ll even have a chance to do a little strutting of your own as you join the very talented ensemble in their rendition of the Mummer’s Strut.  For a phun-philled evening, get tickets to see this phabulous new musical by calling 215-422-4580 or  by visitingPrinceTheater.org.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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