Thursday, January 21, 2016


Bruce Graham has done it again! He has written another well-crafted, exquisitely subtle smash hit! Arden Theatre Company, located at 40 N 2nd Street is presenting the world premiere of his play Funnyman on its Arcadia stage through March 6, 2016.  Set in NYC in 1959, Funnyman relates the tale of  an aging Vaudevillian who struggles to find relevance in a time when his art is no longer in vogue. Bewildered by the changes around him, Chick Sherman (Carl N. Wallnau)   takes offense at being called a comedian. “Comedians say funny things. I am a comic. I AM FUNNY,“ he declares.  Yet, he is tormented and cannot share this torment with a daughter (Emily Krause) who longs to engage him in a meaningful conversation.  The rest of the ensemble cast of Kenny Morris, Keith Conallen, Brian Cowden, and Charlie DelMarcelle, are affected by his “shtick” to a greater or lesser degree. The story line unravels so seamlessly that the actors do not even appear to be acting; rather they are enabling Bruce Graham’s tale to unfold. While many productions have an obvious star or two, the star of this production is the play itself.  Added to Bruce Graham’s craftsmanship is the extraordinarily talented artistic team including Scenic Designer Brian Benbridge, Lighting Designer Thom Weaver and Sound/Video Designer Jorge Cousineau. The set is brilliant in its simplicity.  A desk moved horizontally or vertically on the stage transforms one office to another and a chair pushed across the stage is added to an easy chair to form a living room. There is nothing about this production that doesn’t work.   Purchase your tickets now as some performances are already sold out.  For more information or tickets, call 215-922-1122, visit online at, or walk up to the box office at 40 N 2nd Street.

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