Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Nether

Greg Wood & Bi Jean Bgo
The InterAct Theatre Company, located in the Proscenium Theatre at the Drake, 1512 Spruce Street, is presenting The Nether through April 17.  This prize winning sci-fi thriller is equally provocative and perplexing. Thanks to the outstanding work of Lighting Designer Maria Shaplin and Scenic Designer Melpomene Katakalos, action moves seamlessly from real time to virtual reality and back again.  Sims, (Greg Wood) a would-be pedophile, has created The Hideaway, a virtual realm for him and others to visit. He finds himself having to defend his virtual reality to Morris (Bi Jean Ngo) who is investigating him.  Iris (Emi Branes Huff) and Woodnut (Griffin Stranton-Ameisen) are part of Sim’s realm.  Rounding out this powerful ensemble cast is Tim Moyer who portrays Doyle.  Although this is a one-act piece, time allows for a plot with serpentine twists. Sims is brilliant at the computer and has written some very complex code, but some of his coding has gone awry, leading to some startling results.  This is a play that cries out for more than one viewing. Each time you witness The Nether and delve deeper into the cyber-world, you will be discover further nuances and develop a deeper understanding of Jennifer Haley’s exceptional work.  For more information or tickets, call 215-568-8077 or visit online at

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