Thursday, May 5, 2016

Beyond My Backyard

Jennifer Childs as teen-aged Tabitha
Not since Why I’m Scared of Dance by Jen Childs has an audience been treated to a smash hit showcasing the  brilliance of the multi-faceted Jennifer Childs. I Will Not Go Gently, a world premiere comedy  written and performed by Jennifer Childs is being produced by 1812 Productions and can be seen at Plays and Players Theatre, 1714 Delancey Street through May 15. It  explores Jen as a middle aged British rock star, Sierra Mist, attempting a come-back tour in the US; Sierra Mist’s #1 fan from adolescence, Abby, who broadcasts podcasts at 3:30 a.m due to her insomnia; Abby’s teenaged daughter, Tabitha;  Abby’s grandmother, a 90 year old strand-up comic,  and Daphne Thundergrass, a motivational speaker who  inspires everyone to find the super hero within themselves.  Jen’s partnership with Christopher Colucci not only produces the music for Sierra Mist’s rock show, including her famous (and hysterical) “Jack in My Box”, but also the musical interludes occurring during each character change. Jorge Cousineau is the best video designer in the business and has proved it yet again with his spectacular vision of Jen as a superhero, videos at a high school reunion, and an exploration of Y2K. No words can adequately describe Jen’s talent. Watching her morph on stage from a British rock star to an adoring 40-something Mom is startling enough. But when she next becomes a teenager who texts, skypes, talks on the phone, iPad, computer and does homework simultaneously, you can fall out of your seat laughing. Just when you think Jennifer can’t be any funnier, she becomes a 90 year old grandmother who decides to become a stand-up comic. The grandmother may be stand-up but the audience is rolling around on the floor. Don’t miss I Will Not Go Gently, a hilarious tribute to aging, as only Jennifer Childs can present. For more information or tickets, call 215-592-9560 or visit online at

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