Thursday, January 19, 2017


Carla Belver, Kevin Meehan
& Nancy Boykin
The Arden Theatre Company, located at 40 N. 2nd Street, is presenting The Philadelphia Premiere of John by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Annie Baker through February 26, 2017 on its Arcadia stage. This three act play, set in a B & B in Gettysburg, Pa., explores relationships between people, inanimate objects and silence. B & B proprietor Mertis Katherine Graven …You can call me Kitty… (Nancy Boykin) is the linchpin of the drama. Ever-so gently interacting with her guests without seeming to pry into their affairs; she offers hospitality, advice and a willing ear. Ms. Boykin demonstrates both perseverance and patience as she caters to her blind friend Genevieve (Carla Belver) and cares for an ailing husband who is never seen on-stage. Elias (Kevin Meehan) and Jenny (Jing Xu) are guests at the establishment. Elias has a strong bond with the Civil War and Jenny has a strong bond with a childhood doll, a replica of which is in the B & B. Can they maintain a strong relationship between themselves and not engage in a civil war of their own? This is one of many questions which must be answered while watching John. The four-member ensemble cast is excellent.  For more information or tickets, call 215-922-1122, visit, or walk-up at the box office at 40 N. 2nd Street.

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