Thursday, May 4, 2017

Happy Birthday

Greg Wood & Jennifer Childs
1812 Productions, Philadelphia’s All-Comedy Theatre Company, is presenting Happy Birthday through May 21 at Plays & Players Theatre, 1714 Delancey Place in Center City. Because the troupe produces only comedic works, the audience can expect to find any given performance humorous. Because both Jennifer Childs  and Scott Greer are in the cast, expectations might  be raised even higher. What no one would ever imagine is that 20 years of hilarious comedy could be surpassed by the presentation of one uproarious  British farce. Perhaps  the success lies in the wit of the material written by Marc Camoletti and adapted by Beverly Cross. Possibly it lies in the spot-on direction of Trev Lyford. Conceivably the director and the five actors, who are  married in reality, bring a certain magic to the stage. The cause is of no import. The end result is a smashing success. This is a marvelous  production, certainly one of 1812's best.  You will laugh until you cry as the characters try to sort out cases of mistaken identities and loyalties. Avoid the last minute rush and get your tickets now at (215) 592-9560 or online at

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