Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The How and the Why

InterAct Theatre, located at 2030 Sansom Street, begins its season with the Philadelphia premiere of The How and the Why. What happens when a young, intelligent and somewhat fragile evolutionary biologist appears in the office of a woman well established in the field? The drama unfolds to answer this question but you better not blink, for every bit of dialogue is significant. The repartee between the older, more experienced scientist and the younger, but equally serious one is electrifying. You must appreciate the acumen of both scientists as they explore their own personal scientific theories. Part of the brilliance of this piece is the    sprinkling of humor amidst the intense scientific discussions. Victoria Frings portrays Rachel, the young evolutionary biologist with a daring new theory. She is focused throughout and gives a very convincing performance. Janis Dardaris, portraying Zelda, is even more than a counterpart and mentor as she skillfully guides Rachel to discover some important things about herself. Kudos must also be given to Scenic Designer Meghan Jones who did an outstanding job of having a scientist’s office morph into a bar during intermission. Come to learn about the how; come to learn about the why; come to be engrossed in the enticing world of scientific discovery, but don’t forget to come. For tickets, call 215-568-8079 or visit online at

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  1. Hi you dropped into my blog because of Serge the roving Spam Bot, thanks for coming so i am here having a look around.
    An interesting turn of phrase here in this post - "don't blink because every bit of dialogue is significant" - what we really need is a blink-type verb for ears.
    Dink? (my daughter's idea - she said you know why? Blink you become blind, dink you become deaf!