Friday, October 14, 2011

Mistakes Were Made

1812 Productions is opening its 15th season with the Philadelphia premier of Craig Wright’s comedy Mistakes Were Made. The production will run through October 30th at Philadelphia Plays and Players Theatre, located at 1714 Delancey Streets. Scott Greer portrays Felix Artifex, a Broadway producer in this virtually one-man show. Amanda Grove, his secretary, has a small walk on part, but her repeated voice … (“You have calls on lines three, four, five and seven, Mr. Artifex”) has a much larger role. Georgia Schlessman does a very effective behind-the scenes job as a puppeteer for an overfed coy... Felix’s only companion. This play is billed as a comedy and 1812 Productions bills itself as Philadelphia’s All Comedy Theatre Company.. Most of the laugh lines appear in the second half of this ninety minute production,however. Scott Greer portrays a Broadway producer who is on the precipice of his big break. Due to a series of incidents beyond his control, the break comes in the form of a breakdown for Felix. He must simultaneous juggle phone calls from temperamental clients, a nervous Arab, an ex wife, an others who are crying out for is help. It is the way he so expertly demonstrates his world spinning out of control that causes the audience to burst into laughter but the laughter is almost a sign of  relief that such events are happening to someone else, for the situations  are more awful than they are amusing.  Scott puts his all into this piece and if mistakes were made, they certainly were not with his performance. Nor were mistakes made by Shelly Hicklin who did an excellent job with the lighting design, nor by Bob Phillips, who designed an effective set for the producer’s office. Don’t make a mistake and miss this show. For tickets, call 215-592-9560 or visit online at

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