Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Wedding Singer

 Haddonfield Plays and Players, located at 957 East Atlantic Avenue in Haddonfield, is producing The Wedding Singer through August 8.  It is a witty musical about money and the lack of it, jilted lovers, triangles, friendship, and overcoming adversity.  Steve Stonis, portraying Robbie the Wedding Singer and Jayne Zubris, portraying his friend Julia, have several well-harmonized duets. Tricia Gardner, portraying Linda, the woman who jilts the Wedding Singer at the altar, not only belts out a tune but shows off her acrobatic ability as well.  Genna Garofalo, portraying Holly, also has a strong voice and is obviously well trained in dance as she treats the audience to several high kicks. Lisa Croce as Grandma Rosie is laugh-out loud hilarious when she speaks and moves as a “grandma”.   There is nothing old about the way she sings or dances, however. She can move and dance as well as anyone in the cast. This show will be playing for three more weeks.  Don’t miss a chance to see a really enjoyable show. For more information or tickets, call the box office at 856-429-8139 or visit online at

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