Saturday, October 15, 2016

This Is The Week That Is: The Election Special

Thinking process inside Trump's brain
The 11th iteration of 1812 Production’s political satire This is the Week That Is will be playing at Plays & Players Theatre, 17th and Delancey Streets through November 7. As funny as this show is every year, there is nothing like an election year to add an additional spark and sparks do fly with this performance. Although there was a murmur or two about the uneven handling of the Trump and Clinton candidacies, the Philadelphia audience loved it. Thanks to the innovative projection video work of Jorge Cousteau, every time Jennifer Childs bemoans “What happens in the future?” flashes of light, twirling planets and a man in white wig and lab coat  (suggestive of “Back to the Future”) appears along with an hysterical newspaper headline, such as “Canada Builds Wall.” The writing/performing ensemble of Alex Bechtel, Nia-Samara Benjamin, Sean Close, Dave Jadico, Justin Jain and of course Jennifer Childs are brilliant without exception. Their many sketches- Hillary’s party at which her guests all believe they would be better candidates than she, Von Trump family’s performance, the meeting of UA (undecided voters anonymous), the side-by-side contretemps displaying the inner workings of Trump’s and Hillary’s brain, are side-splitting hilarious. Don Montrey has up-to-the-minute current events as the head news writer and Dave Jadico, as always, has something entertaining to say “from the lobby". Put aside your political worries and come out for an evening of pure laughter. You’ll leave the theatre feeling better than when you walked in.  For more information or tickets, call 215-592-9560 or visit online at

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