Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Delirium, co-produced by EgoPo classic theater and Indiana University of Pennsylvania can be seen at EgoPo’s home, The Latvian Society Theater 531 North 7th Street through November 13, 2016. A revisiting of The Brothers Karamazov, Delirium is aptly named with the restlessness and incoherence of the characters; the insecurity of the characters is shown in frequent stop-gap movements accompanied by loud noise, loosely interpreted as music. With the addition of puppets, the work has an air of the theatre of the absurd, most of which is in the style of tragicomedy.  It has been said that “nothing is funnier than unhappiness” and as the audience learns of the lives of the Karamazov brothers, this certainly rings true. Aloyosha, (Anthony Crosby) just out of the monastery can find no peace in his godly life; Ivan,(Johnny Smith) the intellectual, is given no respect for his brilliance, and Mitya,(Chris Anthony) the philandering rogue has reached a point of hysteria where even he can no longer tolerate the life he is living. We are given but a brief glimpse of this brilliant work of Dostoyevsky but are immediately spellbound by Enda Walsh’s interpretation of the piece. Loud, wild, raucous, and brash, this is a masterful introduction to EgoPo’s Russian Masters Festival. For more information or tickets, call 276-273-1414 or visit online at www.egopo.org

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