Saturday, November 19, 2016

Found: A New Musical Comedy

Davy Rothbart’s popular Found magazine is the basis for the musical Found, being produced by Philadelphia Theatre Company through December 11 at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre, Broad and Lombard Streets. The nine-member ensemble cast, many of whom starred in the original production of Found Off-Broadway, exudes high-power energy throughout the performance.  Although Davy (F. Michael Haynie) narrates the tale and performs in a third of the musical numbers, every member of the ensemble is given a chance to shine with at least one solo. After a note is accidently left on his car, Davy persuades his friends to help discover other notes that people have written and discarded.  As each note is read or sung aloud, a picture of it is projected onto the back wall that enables the audience to follow along. Some are short.  The one-liners are quick quips which relate to the action on the stage. These usually elicit a chuckle. Some of the longer notes require an entire song and dance. Many of these are laugh-out loud funny. Intermingled is a 5 minute skit with audience participation about Johnny Tremaine. This sketch is fall-out-your-seat hysterical. For songs that you’ll never go home singing but will enjoy every moment that you hear them on stage and 100 minutes of good fun and laughter, check out Found. To purchase tickets, call the PTC Box Office at 215-985-0420 or visit

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