Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Freud's Last Session

Freud and C.S.Lewis

The Arden Theatre, located at 40 N 2nd Street in Olde City, Philadelphia, is presenting Freud’s Last Session on its Arcadia Stage through December 23, 2012.  Freud, the father of modern psychology invites a young C.S. Lewis to his office at the start of England’s entrance into World War II The playwright, Mark St. Germain lets his imagination fly to spark the discussions of  two brilliant men with wholly different philosophies of life. Their constant bantering back and forth has the audience totally engaged.  David Howie portrays an ill and aging Sigmund Freud and Todd Scofield plays a young C.S. Lewis just beginning his literary career.  The repartee is gentle, yet forceful, with neither one persuading the other to his point of view ... Or does one?   Sigmund Freud was an ardent collector of artifacts from around the world and his study contained over 2000 pieces.  Scenic Designer David P. Gordon has done an excellent job of recreating Freud’s office. The set is replete with replicas, many borrowed from the University Of Pennsylvania Museum Of Archaeology and Anthropology cast collection.  Theatre goers are encouraged to use a ticket stub from the show to get a $3 discount at the museum.  Make plans to see this show and let your ticket stub be more than just a reminder of the provocative dialogue you have just encountered. For tickets or more information, call 215-922-1122 or visit

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