Saturday, November 3, 2012

What A Glorious Feeling

The Bristol Riverside Theatre, located at 120 Radcliffe Street, Bristol, Pa, is presenting the local premiere of the musical What a Glorious Feeling through November 18.  Witness the back-story to the movie musical Singing in the Rain, starring Gene Kelly and Debby Reynolds with the ensemble cast featuring Summer Broyhill, Vincent D’Elia, Zak Edward, Liz Filios and Charles Osborne. And what a glorious feeling you will have as you sit in the theatre and are swept away by their tapping feet.  Author and playwright Jay Berkow tells how the here-to-fore unknown private lives of Gene Kelly, his co-director, Stanley Donen, and his ex-wife (aka Gene’s assistant Jeanne) affect the making of the movie. Hats off to choreographer Stephen Casey who had my feet tapping along at my seat (and I don’t even know how to tap!) The surprising last scene was very well staged. For more information on how to enjoy a delightful night out and get a glorious feeling of your own, call 215-785-0100 or visit online at

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