Monday, November 19, 2012

The Liar

The Lantern Company, located at 10th and Ludlow Streets in Old St. Stephen’s Church, is presenting the Philadelphia Premiere of David Ives’ The Liar . Due to popular demand, the show has been extended through December 9, 2012. A wine tasting event has been added as well on Friday November 30 at 6:30 PM. Expecting to be spellbound by a work translated and adapted by the playwright who gave us New Jerusalem, The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza at Talmud Torah Congregation ; Amsterdam, July 27, 1656, I was both taken aback and delighted by this light-hearted farce. It is told in rhyme that is sometimes sublime but with verse sometimes forced or coerced. It matters not.  It is all in good fun.  As in most farces, the story is ridiculous and I laughed myself silly..  Just as  an “aha” moment when one outrageous muddle seems to be explained, another pops up right alongside it.  You have to love the way inveterate liar Dorante, played by Aubie Merrylees, speaks tongue-in-cheek (literally)! The juxtaposition of Dorante, who always lies, with his faithful manservant Cliton, who does not know to, is brilliantly done.  Sarah Gliko and Emilie Krause, playing Clarice and Lucrece are charming in their period dress and coy mannerisms.   Emily Rogge as both Isabelle and her twin sister Sabine plays another crucial role in the farce. Kudos to Meghan Jones, Production Manager and Scenic Designer. Frequent scene changes are done with minimal movement of props on stage. This is simply a delightful; production that will have you leaving the theater with a feel good feeling.  Don't miss out on this  extended opportunity! For more information or tickets, call 215-829-0395 or visit online at

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