Friday, February 14, 2014

Julius Caesar

Jered McLenigan as Marc Antony
The Lantern Theater Company, located in St. Stephen’s Church at 10th and Ludlow Streets, is presenting The Tragedy of Julius Caesar though March 16.  The Lantern Theater has received many commendations for their annual Shakespeare presentations and it has not been without merit. No theatre company produces a better Shakespeare production than the Lantern. That having been said, some liberties have been taken with this creation.  Instead of being set in Rome, the work is set in feudal Japan.  The reason for this is explained in the program.  Artistic director Charles McMahon states, “ For me, the story could take place anywhere and at any time….The parallels between the Zen tradition of the Japanese warrior class and the stoicism of the Romans are striking…calling into question the rights of the ruler against the rights of his people.” The ensemble cast reads as a who’s who of Philadelphia actors, many of them Barrymore award-winners or nominees for awards for previous work. Bradley K. Wrenn, Matt Tallman, Kittson O’Neill, Forrest McClendon, Joe Guzman, Mary Lee Bednarek, Adam Altman all make their presence felt on the stage.  And when U.R, as Brutus, is angry, you can feel his anger. Although not the title character, Jered McLenigan, portraying Marc Antony steals the show.  His oration, his sarcasm, his plotting, his fighting, his sorrow…there's no moment when he is on the stage that he isn’t spot on. For all of you who love Shakespeare and for those of you who have just heard about Lantern’s reputation, come see this not oft produced work. For more information or tickets,  call 215-829-0395 or visit online at

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