Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Lady from the Sea

The Stranger & Ellida
EgoPo Classic Theatre Company is producing The Lady from the Sea as the second in its three- part series of Ibsen’s works this year.  It can be seen at the Christ Church Neighborhood House on American Street through March 2. Genevieve Perrier, a much acclaimed Philadelphia actress, portrays Ellida, the mysterious woman from the sea.  Her passions for the sea and a young sailor she knew in her youth are strong, yet not easily identifiable. Finding herself in a marriage with a domineering man and unnamed yearnings of fulfillment, Ellida comes to a crossroads when she once again meets the strange sailor from her past.  Ed Swidey gives a fine performance as Ellida’s husband. As a doctor he professes to know what is best for her but she obviously has little input into their lives together. Ensemble members Ross Beschler as Arholm, K.O.DelMarcelle as Bolette, Lee Minora as Hilde and Kevin Chick as Lyngstrand are an excellent addition to the cast and add some levity to the piece.  Set Designer Dan Soule and Lighting Designer Matt Sharp have made a delightful set which is intermittingly behind the curtains.  This show is having a short run so don’t hesitate to call 267-273-1414 for tickets or visit online at

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