Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dinosaurs at the Academy of Natural Science

After being greeted by George Gephart Jr., President and COE of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, members of the media were treated to an introductory talk about the dinosaur exhibit unearthed to the public this summer. Archaeologist and Associate Curator Dr. Ted Daeschler spoke about the Academy of Natural Sciences having the largest Dinosaur Museum in North America with the first dinosaur skeleton having been put together at this location. The first dinosaur was discovered in Haddonfield, NJ  in 1858. In front of the museum at 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway are two dinosaur replicas that roar and move their heads every few minutes… a great invitation to come inside and see more.  As you enter, there is a Dinosaur Hall to your right where a guide is eager to explain every display in the room and spout interesting facts, such as ”Most carnivores walk on four legs,” and “Many of the marine animals that you see pre-dated dinosaurs.”  My granddaughter was most fascinated by the large turtle skeletons. Upstairs there are a variety of interesting exhibits. A treadmill is wired to a wire-and-can dinosaur whose legs move; the legs move faster as the treadmill goes faster.  Another interesting exhibit compares different mammals to dinosaurs.  For example: How is a rhino like a dino? They both have horns for protection. Could you guess how an elephant is like a dino? They both make loud noises. Children will love the Fossil Dig Expedition. Before entering this exhibit, each child is handed a pair of safety goggles and a small digging tool with instructions on how to use it.  They are then told to go and dig for dinosaur bones. What fun to see their faces when they discover some. The pi├Ęce de resistance is The Dinosaurs Unearthed. Here you will see a richly colored room with giant dinosaurs. A T Rex stretches his neck out of lush foliage and roars as you walk by. You can find stegosaurs and an allosauras or two roaring and moving their heads. There is even a hands-on dinosaur with five movements that you can control on your own.  By pushing one button at a time, you can make the dinosaur move its small front legs, move its head up or down, side to side or roar. The Dinosaurs Unearthed Exhibit will be at the Dinosaur Museum at the Academy of Natural Sciences through January 7, 2017. Discount tickets are available online at This is something you will not want to miss. 

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