Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Philadelphia's Dinosaur Museum

Dinosaurs Unearthed


Dino-mite Summer

Start June 25 at Philadelphia’s

Dinosaur Museum

 Dinosaurs thunder to life in an immersive exhibit at Philadelphia’s dinosaur museum starting Saturday June 25, ushering in a Dino-mite summer of free tours, fossil preparation mini classes and building Jurassic creatures out of LEGO bricks. Dinosaurs Unearthed at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University features life-like roaring, moving dinosaurs. Visitor participation is encouraged through touch stations that feature dinosaur sounds, digestion, anatomy, and skin and bones. Visitors will be able to control the movements of some dinosaurs and measure their weight in comparison to the dinosaurs they see before them.  Dinosaurs Unearthed opens Saturday June 25 and runs through Jan 7, 2017. Discount tickets can be purchased online at ansp.org.  Dino-Mite Summer runs from Tuesday July 5 through September 2. Daily activities are free with admission to Dinosaurs Unearthed.  Every Friday and Saturday there are Dinosaur Hall tours. Every Saturday from10 am – 1 pm join “LEGO my Dino” and build your own dinosaur. Every Monday at 2:30pm meet a live dinosaur relative at the T rex.  All day on Tuesday and Sundays meet the Academy’s live snakes and turtles, On Thursday at 1pm, join Marty the Moose to hear his terrible jokes; hear a dinosaur story and meet a live animal.  Every Sunday from 1-5 make a jacket for a fossil or create a miniature paleo-dig to take home.  There will be so much to do that you’ll want to come to Dinosaurs Unearthed more than once.

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