Sunday, June 19, 2016


Bob Heath, Carlo Campbell &
Amanda Schoonover
The New York Times best-selling humorist Josh Priven is presenting his world premiere of Muddled, A Stage Comedy through June 26 at Drexel URBN Annex (3401 Filbert Street). The play runs 100 minutes without an intermission and scenes change with the aid of blackouts. The story begins with a young girl in the advanced stages of pregnancy with a musician by her side who decides he cannot stay with her until the baby is born but must head out on tour. The next scene takes place over thirty years later in a bar that has a no cell phone policy and seemingly no customers either. Andy (Trevor William Fayle) opens the 1920’s style bar after having been fired from Facebook and disavowing all social media.  His girlfriend Chrissy (Hannah Gold) and Mother Tina (Amanda Schoonover) ostensibly work at the bar but there is little to do as there are never any customers.  The no cell phone or iPad policy appears to be a turn-off to any who enter, for they quickly exit. Along comes Nicky (Bob Heath) head of the famous band of the 80’s The Black Widows. Having made a fortune by investing well, he tells Andy he wants to help him out after announcing that he is his long lost dad. But when other members of his band appear, it seems that his fatherhood is in question. Does he really want to help or are Tina’s fears that he’s a scam artist about to be realized? When Nicky swears to Tina, “I’m not the same man I used to be. I’ve changed,” she replies, “Your underwear, maybe.” There are chuckles throughout the piece as well as a real twist at the end. For more information or tickets, call 267-225-7175 or visit 

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