Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lost Girls

Amy Frear & Molly Ward
John Pollono’s Lost Girls is  being presented at Theatre Exile, 13th & Reed Streets, through March 12, 2017. The  talented and multi-award nominated  6-member cast depicts harsh life in a small blue-collar New England town. Struggling  to overcome the tough problems that occur in every-day living, the characters seem destined to repeat the mistakes of the past. Catherine Slusar portrays Linda, the oldest of three generations living in a small home with a too-large mortgage. Amy Frear, portraying Penny, Lou’s second wife, is the calming influence in the group.  Although originally at loggerheads with ex-wife Maggie (Molly Ward), Frear’s excellent presentation of tranquility serves as a pivotal point to the piece. This production is on a revolving stage which, during lights out, turns to present a new locale. It is in this second locale that the audience gets a glimpse of the third generation: Susanne Collins, portraying Girl and Trevor William Fayle, portraying Boy. Scenes are changed back and forth flawlessly when the house lights go off.  During a blizzard, the family’s worst nightmare is not realized, and the whole tenor of  family relationships change, leaving family members with a little hope in their lives for the first time in years. For more information or tickets, call (215)218-4022 or visit  

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