Saturday, March 4, 2017


Harry Watermeirer &
Charlotte Northeast
Akuka Theatre, performing plays in the Proscenium Theatre of the Drake, 315 S. Hicks Street, is presenting  the world premiere of  Sh_theads through March 12, 2017. The ensemble cast of Akeem Davis, Charlotte Northeast, Harry Watermeier, and David Pica bring a lot of passion to their roles. Akeem, portraying Brandon and Charlotte, portraying Izzy, have “grown up” in the bike shop. Biking is a way of life  for them and sales and repair aren’t just jobs; it’s their passion as evidenced by their performances. Harry Watermeier portrays Bandon, a college-student newbie. His performance is convincing as someone who initially seems out of place  but adapts to the bike shop environment as the seasons pass. David Pica rounds out the cast as Spider, a frequent habituĂ© of the bike shop. Laugh lines are sprinkled throughout the play, but on the whole, the story is a bleak one; workers struggling to keep a business afloat against the odds of a more modern and updated shop across the street. Set Designer Apollo Mark Weaver, in partnership with Fairmount Bicycles, has done an excellent job of creating a down-and-out bike shop. For  reservations or information about Azuka’s “pay-what-you-decide” program, call 215-563-1100 or visit online at 

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