Thursday, March 9, 2017

TORUK- The First Flight

Tipani Clan of Pandora
TORUK- The First Flight, inspired by James Cameron’s movie AVATAR, is presented at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia through March 12, with an additional performance added on Friday, March 10 at 3:30 pm. With 20 scenes of spectacular imagery, this Cirque du Soleil presentation is unlike any of the 36 productions that have preceded it. Although most Cirque du Soleil creations have a theme, this phenomenal performance not only has a theme but an actual story-line as well.  The narrator tells the story throughout the piece and members of the tribe “speak” to each other in a language one can only interpret if not fully understand. In addition, the audience has an opportunity to participate by downloading an app and following directions during specific portions of the show. In order to save their “Tree of Souls” two young members of the Omatikaya clan must collect amulets from each of the five clans of Pandora as well as capture TORUK, the flying monster. Thus goes the storyline of TORUK- The First Flight. This production is so much more than the storyline. The athleticism of the troupe members is astounding. Each of the Na’vi acrobats do similar feats in their respective clans, but with unique apparatus, ranging from ropes, sticks, ribbons, a skeletal fulcrum and scarves on wires. Projections are unbelievably realistic as waterfalls appear to the flood the stage not once but twice and “wipe out” climbers and acrobats on the rocks. The audience gasps as three Na’vi paddle out in a canoe and travel in a circular path around the stage only to climb out and settle on some rocks.  Fire later seems to demolish everything in its path. At times, the audience is immersed in a star-lit sky as twinkling lights surround them 360 degrees. Colors are incredibly brilliant, almost iridescent, against a darkened set. This phenomenal production has one special effect after another; lava flows, an earthquake shakes and swarming wood sprites sprinkle the night sky. It is a feast for the eyes and a balm for the soul as the young Na’vi who fails his first rite of passage saves the entire world of Pandora. Please don’t waste another minute. For more information or tickets for this spectacular show, visit

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